Our Story

Our partners, Peter Breslin and Sam Forline, have a relationship that is unique in today’s business world.  They have been best friends since the age of 5.  They started their first business venture by hooking up college students with neighborhood chores such as lawn mowing, painting, and junk removal.  “In this economy, when you ask college students if they want a paid job, the answer is almost always yes,”  exclaimed Breslin in an interview about Blue Collar Scholars, LLC.

As job application numbers grew, they realized that the job market for college students, and graduates alike, just kept getting worse.  This is when the social entrepreneurial duo decided to take their ventures to the next level.   “What was a 5 billion dollar market in 2010 is now a 25 billion dollar industry.  Mobile Apps are becoming popular and profitable.  More importantly, apps are generating great jobs and satisfying careers for college graduates,”  Forline reports to a journalist. “Just as we connected college students with jobs through Blue Collar Scholars, we now want to engage scholars in this exciting mobile market.”

Bringing their inspirational vision to Software Engineers, Business Developers, and Social Media/Digital Marketers, Breslin and Forline have brought together a team that provides an end-to-end service for individual ideas and apps.  An entity now called Scholar App Studios.